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Dr. Stephen Walker is a licensed healthcare professional who has served as a therapist, health psychologist, athletic & personal performance consultant for the past 32 years in the Rocky Mountain Region. His PhD in Counseling Psychology (1984) from the University of Colorado resulted in the publication of groundbreaking research that brought together the fields of psychology, integrative physiology, biofeedback and human performance in response to stress and recovery. Dr. Walker’s considerable experience in assessment, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, health and sport psychology makes it possible for him to put forward lessons and skill sets likely to be of great benefit in almost any situation. Especially helpful are his “pearls,” anecdotes and quotes from famous people, which are easily remembered and contribute to a healthy heart, good sense of humor and a positive attitude.

Dr. Walker’s credibility as a specialist in the management of stress disorders is amongst his most noteworthy accomplishments spanning a remarkable career. In 1981, he founded the Rocky Mountain Institute for Health & Performance, and for the better part of two decades specialized in the treatment of stress related disorders, injury rehabilitation, methods of recovery, and performance enhancement through skills acquisition, biofeedback and self-care training. In 1991 he co-authored “The Road to Recovery” a monograph establishing protocols for the assessment diagnosis and the development of specific treatment regimens for injury rehabilitation, and in 1996, he co-authored “Live SMART, A Handbook for Self-Care” a program so successful that evidence based research showed physician utilization amongst participating patients was significantly reduced as compared to a matched control group. Academically, Dr. Walker has published papers and presented research in both the professional literature and in symposiums presented to such varied groups as: The Society for Behavioral Medicine, Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and Association for Applied Sport Psychology in addition to others. In 2005, Dr.Walker completed the training program and was admitted as a ‘Special Advocate to the Court’ for child welfare assessments and custody concerns.  In 2009, he was Board Certified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and became a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Registry of Sport Psychologists.

In the field of sport and performance psychology, Stephen Walker began his work at the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Colorado and for 19 years he worked to develop the use of mental conditioning skill sets with athletes from the CU Golf, Track & Field and Cross Country teams. He has interviewed many of the world’s finest athletes (both professional and Olympic) coaches and sport psychologists over several years culminating in his role as Editor-in-Chief of Podium Sports Journal, a favorite on-line magazine of competitive athletes, coaches, sports medicine specialists interested in the mental side of conditioning, recovery, and parents of gifted athletes. His personality, good humor and caring nature attract athletes and other motivated people seeking assistance in achieving their goals more quickly and efficiently. Dr. Walker is the founder of Health & Sport Performance Associates, a Longmont/Boulder and now Denver interdisciplinary consulting group that provides counseling assistance, clinical support and performance driven personal coaching services, in addition to seminars and clinics to a wide range of individuals, teams, and business groups.

He is an expert skier, single digit handicap golfer, musician, and an enthusiast of both martial and the performing arts. He is passionate about his work and is most gratified and indebted to his real teachers, the clients’, athletes, and coaches he has worked with for over 3 decades. He lives and works from his beautiful home and office in Niwot, Colorado, with his lovely wife Donna, and two fabulous sons, Max & Dominik.

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