Clients Report Benefits of Collaborations with Dr. Stephen Walker

All I need is a little direction and support.

All I need is a little direction and support.

Collaboration is defined as a process of working together in which both parties get their needs met.  Even if one doesn’t receive everything they WANT – they are gratified if they get their NEEDS met.  Collaboration is a specific negotiation process that focuses on making sure that each person’s needs are met.  Many practitioners never assess or even ask about outcomes. Dr. Walker has engaged in evidence based evaluations with hundreds of clients by surveying them as to how their lives were impacted through his counseling or coaching services (sometimes years after providing service).  Survey reports were categorized using signature strengths, descriptive statements and stated life changes as reported in the surveys. It was through this process that this list was crafted.

Dr. Walker’s Top Ten List of Benefits came from surveys he conducted with as many clients as he could locate in the area over a twelve year period.  Each was asked to identify  ‘how’ or in ‘what ways’ their consulting work together had best served them. Clients were also able to state “no change” or “counter productive outcomes from the process”, however, none were reported.  They were also asked if they could suggest areas Dr. Walker should obtain further training in.  Over 150 respondents replied.  Twenty of those made the client testimonials found on this website, and since then many more have contributed.  Throughout the process many more clients both current and past provided useful feedback/  Some clear patterns were observed.  They were incorporated as Dr. Walker formulated his Top Ten List of Benefits clients have stated below:

  • Systematically learn to assess your life in positive terms
  • Develop skills nurturing your heart and your health that will serve you in years to come.
  • Realize how to use your strengths consciously to develop confidence.
  • Gain techniques, practices and routines that incorporate goal setting into your daily life.
  • Create a more positive point of view toward yourself, your life and relationships that will make you and everyone around you happier.
  • Find out how emphasizing positive emotions like humor, curiosity, hope, and optimism can preserve your health.
  • Exercise daily assessments that help you understand how to support your emotional strengths and minimize vulnerabilities in yourself and those you depend on.
  • Cultivate rituals and grow traditions that positively support you, your partner, family, and teammates.
  • Inspire yourself and others using common sense skills and a focus on the “Now.”
  • Discover that changes can come quickly and efficiently when employing thought discipline techniques and purposeful thinking.

Self examination isn’t always Pretty but a Positive Focus “always” makes it Rewarding