Testimonials from Medical Professionals

What other medical professionals say about Stephen Walker, Ph.D.:


I’ve known Steve Walker and his work for many years. His program and his reputation are stellar. Steve has a keen ability to work successfully with many different types of athletes. He gets premier results. 

Dr. Bob Whitehouse, EdD, BCB, SEP – Director of Biofeedback, Peak Performance Lab

I have known and shared an office suite with Dr. Walker for the past two years, and feel I can speak candidly regarding my impression of him both personally and professionally.

I am board certified in Psychiatry, and have maintained a psychiatric practice in Boulder since June of 1995. My professional relationship began with Dr. Walker at that time, and has continued to this date. We have established a relationship which includes peer support, and both formal and informal consultation around the needs of our patients. Through these, I have had a chance to observe Dr. Walker’s sound clinical skills and academic knowledge base. Our friendship has also continued to grow around our share professional interests and ideals.

Throughout all of my interactions with Dr. Walker, he has consistently displayed a unique sense of responsibility, professionalism, integrity, and dedication. We have been mutually involved in the care of many patients, and I have repeatedly observed his excellent skills in both the areas of biofeedback and psychotherapy. We also informally discuss patients, as is typical in peer review and consultative roles. Patients are always discussed in terms of demographics and clinical presentation, and never are names shared unless a formal consultation is obtained and a release signed. Throughout these, Dr. Walker has consistently displayed a sense of professionalism, integrity, empathy and caring for patients, and an enthusiasm and sense of responsibility in his work with them. Personally, I have always found Dr. Walker to be sincere, honest, reliable, and genuine. Never have I seen him practice outside his level of training or expertise, and he actively seeks consultation or refers when appropriate. I have no concerns whatsoever regarding his sense of professional boundaries or limitations.

In summary, I have nothing but a tremendous respect for Dr. Walker both personally and professionally, and I look forward to our continued work together. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.

Greg Olsen, MD
1919 14th Street – Suite 711
Boulder, Colorado 80302

Over the 25 years that I have worked with him Dr. Walker has conducted himself ethically and professionally in hundreds of situations both professional and social. His efforts have always been dedicated to knowledge, integrity and the search for truth that would support his goal of acknowledging his patients in their attempt to achieve a higher quality of life. It has been my privilege to conduct professional seminars with him, publish papers and posters that would withstand the highest rigors of academic scrutiny. He has, in every event, always represented himself with integrity and the highest professional ethics.

Dr. Walker is an extremely well educated man who has conducted research in human behavior and the psychology of stress related disorders for over twenty years. He is accomplished in several areas of professional expertise that range from Biofeedback, Behavioral Health, Counseling and Peak Performance to Neurophysiological Psychology and the treatment of Stress disorders. He has written and published in the field of psychophysiology where Biofeedback modalities were used to measure changes in the subjects studied. During the course of my professional association with Dr. Walker, I have admired his many accomplishments and his continuing commitment to excellence which has never been compromised. He is truly a gentle man and a scholar whose efforts have been rewarded over and again by individuals and organizations which have commended him for his skill, knowledge, talents and professional conduct.

During the many years of association with him, Stephen Walker has in every situation held to the highest and strictest standards of ethics and professionalism. He has demonstrated the greatest regard for his clients, treated them with the deepest respect and always held their disclosures in the strictest confidence. In any professional consultation over the years I have never once seen or heard evidence that Dr. Walker has discounted or disregarded his patients. If anything, he has not only gone the extra mile but has gone far above and beyond the call of duty to support his patients in their quest to achieve a higher quality of life. It has been a pleasure for me to know Stephen Walker and to count him among my personal and professional associates.

Dr. Toby F. Link
Columbia River Associates
Vancouver, Washington

In the span of 27 years in a variety of positions in the field of psychology, I have been directly involved and worked closely with over seventy clinical psychologists. With that comparison group in mind, I consider Dr. Walker one of the very best.

Dr. Walker possesses and maintains a beautiful balance between professional clinical expertise and interpersonal skills. He is an adept thinker with an exceptional mastery of a wide variety of subjects that include psychophysiology, human cognitive functioning, psychosocial functioning, psychodynamics, and maximized performance potential. He is also a highly ethical individual who is a very strong patient advocate. Because of his breadth and depth of knowledge, Dr. Walker is also uniquely qualified as an educator to individual patients, small groups, and large classes. He is an enthusiastic, careful, and lucid speaker and I have very much enjoyed the opportunities I have had to observe his lectures and discussions.

Finally, I find Dr. Walker to be professionally and interpersonally open minded. He is a fine listener and one feels understood and valued when in his company. He has the ability to listen closely to an idea or theory and to explore it in such a way that the conversation leads to improved conceptual understanding and insight. Over the years, I have come to trust him implicitly and to highly value his ability as a therapist. I have no reservations whatsoever in giving him my highest recommendation.

Stephen P. Schmitz, Ph.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist

It is my great pleasure to write a letter of reference for Dr. Stephen E. Walker. For several years, I provided clinical case consultation to Dr. Walker and to the Rocky Mountain Institute for Health & Performance which he directs. We have dialogued frequently through the years on clinical and professional matters, and I refer clients to Dr. Walker frequently. Through these experiences I have come to know him and his work very well.

I consider Dr. Walker to be one of the most outstanding mental health professionals I have known. He is a person of natural talent, warmth and insight who brings to all his work a deep respect and concern for other people and a commitment to excellence in all his endeavors. He works effectively with adolescents, adults, couples and families and has special expertise in dealing with persons who have faced physical trauma. Dr. Walker has gone to great lengths to develop knowledge and experience in this area and offers comprehensive and effective intervention and prevention services to accident victims in particular. He is unique among the professionals that I know in his commitment to continuing education and creative program development. He demonstrates great vision and commitment to the creation of organizations that provide integrated and positive health oriented services to individuals, families and to businesses.

Dr. Walker is a true leader in our field whose work has positively influenced me and many others. He is a rare person who has exceptional knowledge and skill which he applies with respect and compassion. I offer my highest recommendation for him.

Lane Lasater, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I have known Dr. Walker for a number of years and am aware that he has been practicing for twenty years, first in mental health clinics and, more recently, in private practice through the Rocky Mtn Institute for Health & Performance.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating on several cases of stress related disorders with Dr. Walker. He has established exemplary rapport with each patient and, in each case, helped them to acquire skills and more personal control in difficult circumstances. He is a responsible and effective clinician and educator who specializes and is Board Certified in medical psychotherapy. Dr. Walker emphasizes self care training with those recovering from traumatic injury, usually from motor vehicle accidents and work related injuries. He limits his practice to outpatient treatment and has been creative and resourceful in assisting his patients to quick recovery. His reputation as a presenter and workshop facilitator is excellent. Recently, Dr. Walker developed a managed care treatment program for treating traumatic injury, and continually focuses his services by specific design to be helpful to primary care physicians in our individual patient care.

William Shiovitz, MD
Associated Internists of Boulder

I have known Dr. Walker for several years, shared the care of patients with him and recruited him to offer presentations to patients and their families coping with the stress of diabetes. Dr. Walker has done an exemplary job. He is a responsible and effective clinician who specializes in medical psychotherapy and self-care training for those dealing with stress related disorders and injury rehabilitations. He limits his practice to outpatient treatment and facilitates each patient’s personal responsibility for self-care through skills acquisition while assisting them through recovery.

I am better qualified to speak on behalf of Dr. Walker as a health psychology educator. He has taught dozens of my patients’ methods and techniques for better self-care. In my work as an endocrinologist, I observe stress as a significant factor in the lives of many of my patients. They are at times required to maintain difficult medication and diet schedules. Motivating proper self-care is key to better diabetes disease control and Dr. Walker emphasizes these things in a heartfelt way and uses a proper balance of humor to help drive home sometimes difficult points. Dr. Walker’s innovative spirit and proactive yet compassionate manner is amazingly effective and I am pleased to recommend his services.

Melvin R. Stjernhom, MD, FACP
Boulder Endocrinology Associates