Testimonials from Corporate Professionals

What corporate professionals say about Stephen Walker, Ph.D.:

Dear Steve.

The classes that you taught at HP were helpful in developing our management team into leadership teams. It’s difficult to manage others and lead organizations if you are not effective at managing yourself. The classes that you taught helped the managers understand human behaviors and how to effectively communicate with their staff and improve overall team morale.

John Barto, Management Team Leader
Loveland, Colorado

Dear Steve:

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done for us here at MONY this past year. There is no question that we have got more direction in the management operations now, and I am sure our criterion based evaluations will help the personnel decisions we have facing us. All in all, it has been good to have your support, input, creative suggestions, and sense of humor. I believe we are a much better operation than we were a year ago because of your consulting work.

The most important benefit has been realized by the field force. They have improved their personal production significantly (37%) and are now moving into markets and business many would not have attempted without your encouragement. Your presentations have been informative and helpful, emphasizing the practical side of things. The fact that they have also been entertaining is a bonus. If for no other reason, it is clear that the financial rewards alone have made the program worthwhile.

Thanks again for your continued support. I look forward to our prosperous future together.

Robert E. Colburn, District Manager
MONY Financial Services
Intermountain Region

Dear Steve:

Just a quick note of thanks for the contributions you made to the success of our Annual Marketing Conference. The message you delivered and the style with which it was conveyed was very well received by all in attendance. I am sure it will contribute significantly to the success of our marketing efforts throughout the coming year. As you stressed, for any marketing organization to succeed, it is necessary to develop a team approach, and you were incredibly helpful in facilitating the development, camaraderie, on-point focus and consensus of direction each team acquired. Not only are you a true professional but you are also a delight to work with.

Best personal regards.

J. Ronald Campbell, CLU
Vice President – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado

Dear Steve:

As chairperson for the Professions and Health Divisions United Way Campaign I wanted to thank you for your outstanding work on this year’s drive and the consciousness raising you did amongst your colleagues and other healthcare professionals. The results showed in a whopping 45% increase from last year. You went the extra mile in sometimes hostile situations and I am so appreciative of your contribution for this worthwhile effort.

John Neville, Esq.

Dear Dr. Walker:

. . . As you know from our preparatory meetings, we were concerned about doing a team building workshop because many of the employees had never been involved in such an exercise, and because Saunders Construction had usually taken a more technical approach to our workshops in the past. We were delighted to find that everyone responded so strongly to the team building program and left the weekend with a feeling of much greater closeness to the company and to the other individuals involved.

Your efforts with our company have given us the confidence to attempt new processes and open up an area of communications that we had previously avoided. The team building exercises you put us through were particularly useful by allowing each of the individuals, including the spouses, to participate on a personal level and to share their experiences with others. I can not think of another method that would have been more useful to us and can not picture anyone doing a finer job than you did.

We have started a process that has facilitated small group discussions and your input in guiding us through the processes was crucial to the outcome we are experiencing now…a much more effective communications process that has become critical to our effectiveness in operations.

As if that weren’t enough, the program you ran for the spouses was spirited and it has become clear that they enjoyed the opportunity to participate. Your willingness to help with the pre-planning enabled us to develop such a successful program and your expertise coupled with your good-natured approach made it fun on top of everything else. Should you like to use Saunders Construction as a reference, we would be happy to talk with any potential clients to give them further background on your involvement. Thanks again for a very successful program.

Yours very truly,
Richard B. Fullerton, Vice President
Saunders Construction, Inc.

Dear Steve:

Thanks again for helping us cope with stress on the SAAM Program. I really believe you had an important part in maintaining our sanity in the past few months. The overall attitude of the program has turned around substantially from the confrontation mood to being much more cooperative in resolving problems.

Your classes also assisted in bringing the individual teams into a closer working relationship and helped people understand that SAAM Management really cared. Enclosed are the comments we received from the workshop evaluation, as you can see, they are extraordinarily positive and appreciative of the program.

V.T. Durnell, Director – Special EM Programs
Ball Aerospace Systems Division