Testimonials from Clients and Their Families

As usual, you not only hit the nail on the head with your input to A (the brotherly advice was particularly appreciated), but you managed (once again) to bring tears down my cheeks. We are so very grateful that we met you and have had the benefit of your counsel and friendship, and we are better parents because of it. We literally would not have survived this journey without you!

Although his decision to move on from hockey is difficult for all of us (recognizing how much that has been invested and sacrificed for it), we too feel that he is at peace with the decision and is very much looking forward to focusing his passion on perhaps a more “worthy” endeavor for himself. I don’t mean to sound negative at all about his experience…it has been an amazing journey for all of us! A is who he is now because of his life experience and Hockey was a HUGE part of that! It does make me sad to think that I will never see him in the net again (he truly is AWESOME) but we have the rest of our lives to watch him (and S) amaze us in so many other ways.

I honestly believe that if he stuck it out a little while longer that he would realize “the Dream” of playing at least D1 hockey, but as you point out he has wisely adjusted his plans around what is most likely AND what is more important to him.

We are very glad to know that you will be able to join us at the Graduation Party, it wouldn’t be right without you there as you are part of our family!

Thanks again Doc….you are a good man!



Hello Dr. Walker,
Two things…. First I just wanted to personally say thank you to you.  The change we have seen in M. has brought such joy to me, thank you
doesn’t seem enough. Her thought process is so much more positive not only on the soccer field but off of it also! The tools and techniques
you have helped her with have had such a great influence on her and I am so grateful to you! If she can continue to use these throughout her life, she will be so  blessed. With all of that being said, I was wondering if you’d be willing to work with another daughter of mine. She is a sophomore in
college and no longer an athlete but she really could use some guidance on her mindset. Thanks again,  SB


Hi Dr. Walker,

Hope all is well with you.

3 things positive as I finished reading the article:
1) Dr Walker will always be a safe compass for all of us in search of answers, of bettering ourselves;
2) Dr Walker has a mindfulness approach for the wellbeing of his clients;
3) And, I also learned along the way “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

Thank you for sharing.

Let’s be Happy,



Thanks again. Whatever happens with D. going forward I want you to know that you have been an immense help to us as a family both with hockey and life matters. You’ve given him some great tools to work with and I believe they have helped him get to this good balanced spot.


Dear Doc,

I appreciate all the time and effort that you gave me over the last six months. I know it truly has made me a better man. It’s not a small thing to come to the reality that I was very fortunate to have the athletic career that I had. Even though part of me will dream about what might have been, it doesn’t take me long to realize that the dream was actually based in some experiences I really did have. I now realize how lucky I was to have those experiences.

For those who might want to know more about how our work went, I would say this:  “Throughout my athletic career I suffered 3 season ending injuries and one career ending injury.  I recovered from all of them physically, but it was not until I spent six vigorous months working with Dr. Walker to finally overcome the mental wounds from it all. With work I was able to gain a new outlook on my life, reframe a negative into a positive, and better appreciate my athletic career.  If you ever have an athletic injury, I would highly recommend getting help from Dr. Walker to recovery mentally, because physical injuries often heal but sometimes our experiences of the loss linger on.

TD (January 2014)

Dr. Walker, Colorado Swimming just announced the Colorado All-Star Team selections and M is on the team. As you know, they select the top 10 swimmers in each age group. Selections are made by ranking swimmers in each event based on their best times, then adding up all their ranks, so you really need to rank high on all the events. Thanks for all your support. O.Z. (December 2013)

“Dr. Walker has helped me greatly to be able to stay in the present moment and think clearly in competition. My work with him has allowed me to perform at a higher level in competition than I ever would have been able to alone.”  – GL – Collegiate Golfer, former CHSAA State Champion (June 2013)

“Working with Dr. Walker has helped me take some broad concepts regarding the mental game and turn them into focused drills that allow me to better use the skills in competition. It has been a very positive experience”.

CG – Collegiate Golfer with aspirations to play on the PGA Tour  (10/2012)

I am a highly competitive golfer with an 11 handicap who likes to gamble and win.  When I enter tournaments I am wanting to play my best and hopefully come out on top. In the past I had difficulty separating the different characters in my golf game…the golfer, the gambler, the friend. Since working with Steve I have been able to compartmentalize my golf characters and focus on the here and now much better. I have performed at my best in tourneys and take a few bucks from my buddies whenever possible.  Most importantly is that Steve is easy to talk to and gives you his undivided attention as well as workable action plans supported by appropriate media.  He is a very bright and likable man.   C.B.(2013)

Dear Dr Walker,

Our darling gymnast is now a Sectional Champion In Section 5 New York State, He broke 2 school records,6 pool records and the Class B records in DIVING!! In September, Scott decided that he had to pick one sport, and he chose diving. He is having an amazing year and as you can tell from the picture we are all thrilled. Friday, March 1 are the State competitions-  We think of you often and thank you so much!!!

S. S. & M. L.(2011)


Dr. Walker,

Hello again!  I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me.  It definitely didn’t go unnoticed and I don’t think I would be the soccer player I am today if it weren’t for you.

I’ve had a very successful year.  My high school team won the NY State Championship in which I scored the winning goal.  I also was named NYS player of the year, MSG Varsity player of the year, first team for The Times Herald Record All-Star team, first team for All-Region, and I made the 2012 NSCAA High School Girls All-America Team (http://www.nscaa.com/awards/all-america/2012-high-school-girls-all-america).  Apart from high school, I was very successful playing on my club team, World Class.  Many colleges became interested in me and last month I verbally committed to Syracuse University with a 75% scholarship.  I am really excited because the coaches think I can be a big help to the team especially since Syracuse is moving up to the ACC next year, the top league for colleges.

I realize that I would not have been able to accomplish this without your help.  I really appreciate it and I will never forget what you did for me.  Thank you and have a happy holidays,   A.O.(6/2012)


Our daughter has matured a lot in the last nine months. She is doing very well and is one if the top players on her soccer team and now has a lead in the musical. She is a very happy kid now. She has been practicing some of the techniques that Dr. Walker showed her and she has pulled through the tough times on top. The more she can learn to rely on herself the better off she will be in the long run.  She is taking responsability for her state of mind and emotions and I really respect that perspective & maturity. Dr. Walker did a great job showing her that she is in control and she has taken it to heart. Thank you very much for all your help.


It’s very difficult for me to put into words how beneficial my time with Dr. Walker was, but I’ll give it a shot:  I visited Dr. Walker for a period of about 6 months, during a time when I felt “stuck in a rut” in my professional life.  These professional frustrations were spilling over into my personal life and causing low self-confidence and depression.

Using a very methodical and systematic approach, Dr. Walker worked with me to confront my problems head on and put systems in place to break some of my bad habits and unproductive thought patterns.  Through a series of focused one-on-one sessions and weekly “homework” assignments, Dr. Walker gave me a new set of mental tools that have allowed me to harness the productive parts of my personality to effectively and positively work toward achieving my goals.

I give Dr. Walker my highest endorsement and recommendation.  For anyone who is solution-oriented, excited to learn how to harness their strengths, and willing to put in some work on their end, Dr. Walker’s systems provide a sustainable, positive method for pursuing (and achieving!) one’s goals.


We are nailing it Doc!  We are hitting the key issues and really making significant strides forward.  I am more motivated right now than I’ve ever been.

THANK YOU!!!!  You the man!


Dr. Walker:

Yes, we were astounded by the grit and determination she showed after her fall on first event. She really pulled it out of the dirt.  We feel that a few months ago, she would have thrown in the towel and not even tried.  She’s a changed girl.  She said afterwards that going to the second event, she was telling herself, “OK. Now I’m gonna do this!” And she did!  We are, naturally, frustrated that a simple thing like refusing to eat scuttled her plans.  She really would have finished with the highest score of the entire meet w/o that fall and would be happily planning for Florida right now.  Oh, well.  Life lessons do not come easily.  But the best part is that E. is truly pleased with herself.  She was all smiles after bars and you could tell she, M. & Z. were all happy. Whew. She’s very excited about moving to the next level. She did get her day off yesterday and that was a help.  Thank you.  I’ll have her fill out the post-meet checklist. A’s Level 10 Nationals are May 10 -13th.

N. L.


Dr. Walker,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and help me with my game.  I have been playing so much better, it’s like I’m a new person!  My very critical coach hardly criticizes me, I am actually the only one on the team who recieves regular compliments from him.  I also regained the joy in soccer, thanks to you, and the love of the game drastically improves my playing ability.  I would have to say the biggest change would be my confidence level.  My confidence  used to be several notches lower than my ability and now I would say that the two match! It feels so great playing and I honestly can’t remember the last time I came home from a practice, scrimmage, or game thinking, “Wow, I played awful” and “I’m scared of what my parents are going to say.”

This was such a great year to get my act together and really increase my playing.  Since I’m a sophomore, colleges are beginning their recruiting process and according to my coach, out of all the girls on the team getting e-mails from colleges, I received the most BY A LOT.  I have received college interest e-mails from over 20 schools, some as great as Columbia and Penn State (those are my top two so far) and I haven’t even started contacting yet, imagine when I do!  I am so thankful to have had talked to you and worked out the soccer problem while I still had time.  Colleges are looking at my team and I am at the peak of my playing and only getting better.  I would say that the biggest improvement would be my consistancy, I knew I had this great player in me all along, I would just only come out once every 10 games or so.

In my eye, my coach’s eye, and the parents’ eyes, I am noticeably the best player on my team and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the work you’ve done with me to get me to this level.

Thank you,

A. O.


There are a lot of things that are great in my life right now, and I just wanted to give you a letter of thanks for the support you have given me.  I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin, so good on the golf course, and so OK with me.  It is in no small part due to the time we have spent together, and the direction I have gotten from you as far as my life is concerned.  So thanks.  I leave for Arizona Tuesday to play in a tour event.  My intention is to let myself play like I can.  I’m nervous, but I also feel a confidence I haven’t had in a while because of how good I feel about my swing and my ball striking.  I will keep you posted as to how it goes.


Dr. Walker,

I’m sorry that we didn’t catch up with you at the game. In any event, I wanted to tell you that we’ve seen a transformation of R, both on and off the ice. Other people close to the team, parents, coaches, and players, have also remarked and its really been gratifying for us. In fact, you will probably receive some referrals, based on your work with R.  It’s really everything we had hoped for. I just want to thank you for your work and hopefully we’ll have that opportunity to meet again in the playoffs!



Thanks for the input – Always timely and on point.   I do think of you from time to time, grateful for the time you spent with me and my family, and hope that your life and family are healthy, happy, and in a good place.  Just finished watching, this past week, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List” on one of the networks.  The classic scene (for me) has to be the two of them sitting on top of one of the pyramids in Egypt, and Morgan turns to Jack and describes an ancient Egyptian belief about what happens when you pass from this life.  As a prerequisite to gaining entrance, you must successfully answer two questions …..

  1. Have you found the joy in your life?
  2. Has your life brought joy to others?

Know that you have helped challenge me (and others in my family) to find the joy in my (our) life.  No doubt you have also helped countless others!   And, lastly, I will leave you with a story that always touches my heart and soul, especially at this Season …… it’s called “The Drawing” ……….

A first grade teacher at Thanksgiving asked her class to draw a picture of something they were thankful for.  She thought of how little these children from poor neighborhoods actually had in their lives.  But she knew that most of them would draw pictures of turkeys or tables with food.  The teacher was taken aback with Douglas’ picture – a simple, childishly drawn hand.  But whose hand?

The class was captivated by the abstract image.  “I think it must be the hand of God that brings us food,” said one child.  “A farmer,” said another, “because he grows the turkeys.”  After the children had returned to a class assignment, the teacher bent over Douglas’ desk and asked whose hand it was.  “It’s your hand, Teacher,” he mumbled.  She recalled that frequently at recess she had taken Douglas, a scrubby forlorn child, by the hand.  She often did that with the children.  But it meant so much to Douglas.  (Author unknown)

All my best — JT

Thank you for helping me along the way by giving me the chance to better myself professionally and for your vote of confidence and trust therefore allowing me to pursue this new venture with the intention to “Believe and Succeed”.   From my happy heart, again Thank You!  — LHP

Hey Doc,  I hope to have you come speak to the team again this Spring as we aim for two championships in row!  Your help pre-race helped our team tremendously.  Thanks again! — MR (Tri-team coach)

Among the many things I’m grateful to my son’s coach for doing is putting us in touch with you.  You’ve given D. a lot of the tools that he uses on a daily basis now, whether in hockey or life, and they are a tremendous asset I’m sure he’ll appreciate more and more as he matures. –MH


I can’t praise Steve Walker enough. During a very difficult period he taught me practical techniques for changing the way in which I interpret and deal with various events in my life. And it didn’t take years. His way of integrating therapeutic principles with spiritual values made it easier for me to identify more appropriate responses to life’s challenges. And above all, he always exhibited immense caring and compassion. It’s been about four years since I last saw Dr. Walker professionally, and his wise counsel during the time he treated me still serves me well.

Thank you Dr. Walker – for your gift of light; for giving us the ability to visualize more clearly who we are and who our souls want to be; for your ability to make us see what is desirable, necessary and in our highest good. I was deeply touched by your powerful thoughts and words. No matter what the outcome of this relationship will be, I feel at peace with myself and the process.
Sincerely, LH

My wife and I had a rather unconventional arrangement in our marriage when treating with Dr. Walker, and it was a bit uncharted. We had a difficult and rather challenging blended family with children on both sides and a couple with special needs that added to the mix. Steve I attended more to our individual needs in that situation . . . and didn’t resort to any preconceived notion about what “should” happen. He was respectful of our circumstances enough to help craft a functional, albeit unusual living arrangement. Our marriage now is just awsome!

I have to thank you for helping me to build the courage to face my fears, for making me admit that I can’t do it all and most of all for helping me through the emotional roller coaster I call my life. I can honestly say that without your help and guidance I would not be standing as straight and tall as I am now. Life has always been tough but you have made mine that much easier. For that I will be eternally grateful and consider myself lucky that I have you in my life.

Steve provided warm support in a caring, relaxed environment. He helped guide me through many life experiences and taught me how to draw lessons from them that I have put to use in the years that followed. Steve encouraged me to tap my love of rock climbing as a source of stability and peace.

Dr. Walker, My name is HH. I was your patient for a couple of months about ten years ago. As a reminder I mention that I was a rock climber, I was having a problem with drinking, I worked at Turley’s, I was trying to finish a thesis and I had been dating Mary, another former patient. I thought of you out of blue as I was researching golf psychology and thought I’d say hello and thanks. When you treated me, I was a mess and while my life isn’t perfect, your advice and techniques have stuck with me and helped me. You taught me how to practice mental health. I have been teaching English as a Second Language at the high school level. I am recently married, just broke 100 for the first time and am having a good life. Now if I can only fix my slice!
Thank you, HH

We first consulted Dr. Stephen Walker approximately two years ago and although we had worked with other professionals before him, our situation was challenging to say the least. Dr Walker has been very open to meeting with my wife and I to understand what our expectations are, what our long terms goals were, and develop a plan to meet these needs. Dr Walker has been very informative about what we might expect, how we might approach these situations, and what our reactions might mean to our son.

Prior to seeing Dr Walker our son was very angry every evening. Any words said to him would likely lead to an angry outburst, hateful comments, hurting himself, and a disrupted family unit.

Since our son started to see Doctor Walker we have found a vast improvement in his ability to work with the family unit. He now is “approachable” in conversations, touching his shoulders, two way conversations, and his participation in family functions such as evening meals, camping trips, and such.

It is very encouraging to see the progress we have experienced and we know that with out the full support of Dr Walker we would not be as happy as a family. We feel very blessed to have had the support of Dr Walker over these past 2 years and are anxious to see and experience the continued progress that is yet to come.

Dr. Walker’s services were very valuable to me in the last few years. He provided a special combination of kindness, strength and coaching. The reason I came back to him when I didn’t go back to others was because in my experience, many psychologists didn’t seem interested in challenging me. Instead, I felt they were just agreeing with everything I said and giving in to my excuses. Stephen Walker persevered to coach me to better myself, instead of let me feel sorry for myself. Yet at the same time, he was forever kind and patient. That is an ability that I think is uniquely “Dr. Stephen Walker.” Not everyone can find a balance between kindness/empathy and the toughness of a good coach.

Dr. Walker was effective in helping me to recognize how flaws in my thought processes play a role in feelings of anxiety about work and career. He taught me how breathing and meditation exercises can be effective tools for controlling anxiety and worry. These tools help me to stay in the “here-and-now” so I can better recognize what I have control over and what I do not. Dr. Walker is a positive and supportive counselor who I would recommend to others without hesitation.

Our daughter was very comfortable working with you. You provided a warm, comfortable and relaxing environment that definitely helped speed through the rapport building part of the process. This obviously made us feel more comfortable also.

You went above and beyond in learning about her sport and the dynamics of her coach and her as an athlete and as a person. She did actually enjoy coming to meet with you . . . looked forward to it. The ideas/instructions and work was well tailored to her needs and issues as well as her age and maturity level.

As parents we appreciated the brief updates you gave us on a regular basis. The work was focused, yet broad enough and even more beneficial because it applied to her on other levels not just the sports issue.

Overall, it was a very good and beneficial experience. In addition to helping with the specific performance issue I think it was good for her to experience this kind of “professional” help and know that that are people like you in the world that can help by talking these things out and offering professional guidance.

Dr. Walker provided counseling services for myself and for my son. His therapeutic style includes genuine warmth and caring even as he helps his clients see that they are ultimately accountable for their actions, and he displays a commitment to serve each client with their best interest at heart.

Dr. Walker has a unique ability to collaborate with his clients to create a well defined path to facilitate resolution and clarity. He is thorough and efficient in his client interactions and is consistently available as a resource. Dr. Walker strives to integrate leading edge therapeutic techniques to provide the most current and effective restorative and proactive care for his clients. I would not hesitate to provide family and friends as referrals for Dr. Walker.

I have known Dr. Steve Walker for 18 years. Throughout the years Steve has helped me navigate a number of difficult situations. Together we found breakthrough communication techniques that helped motivate me and inspire me to resolve issues that confront me. Steve has made a positive difference in my life. And I thank him for that. Best of all, he makes me laugh!

I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for your assistance and guidance during a particular low point in my life. I came to see you for marriage counseling when my marriage of ten years was near an end, and it was with your aid that I was able to understand the situation I was in and to successfully address it. I particularly appreciate your professional approach of communicating the expectations and ground rules of the sessions from the very beginning. Furthermore, I always felt that you had both my and my partner’s best interest at heart and that you maintained an honest and unbiased approach while allowing us to find the answers to our questions from within ourselves. Once it became obvious that there was no salvaging my relationship, a decision that I now know to have been a correct one, you truly showed compassion towards me and worked to provide me the tools, resources, and support to carry on in a healthy and positive manner. Today I am able to apply what I learned through our professional encounter to my current relationships – for this I want to thank you.
Warmest regards,

I sought help from Dr. Walker for a bunch of problems I was experiencing in my life. I was depressed, angry, resentful, lonely, and isolated. When I began to work with Dr. Walker I told him how much I drank. I remember his look of shock. But I did not see that the issues I was dealing with were due to my drinking, nor that drinking was something I needed to stop. He was very patient with me. It seems to me now he was waiting for me to come to terms with my core issue: alcoholism. I knew it was a problem but was not ready to address it.

One day driving to an appointment with him it became clear to me that alcohol was my problem. I said this to him right away. He encouraged me to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, telling me he could not do for me what AA could do, but that he could help to facilitate that work. I began to attend AA regularly, though it took several months for me to finally stop drinking. I am working the 12 steps of AA and have just over 13 months of sobriety. I live a new life now. The anger, lack of control, sense of powerlessness, self-pity, and depression have lifted, thanks to no more alcohol and the guided self-discovery done in AA.

As I have grown in recovery I have become much more open and available to core issues about who I am, where I come from, how my family life has affected me, and how I enter into and maintain, or not, relationships. This is work that Dr. Walker is helping me with. It is beyond the realm of my step work. It is stuff I need expert guidance with. I get feedback and insight from him I don’t get from my sponsor, from meetings, from my step work.

I now live with hope. I trust the direction I am going though I am not always sure where it is taking me. I am 42 years old and just beginning to realize how much I don’t know about myself, how much there is to learn and to experience in my life. I’m glad for the help Dr. Walker offers to me and at this point would not want to give it up because I believe it is a key component to becoming a more useful, happy, fulfilled person.

When I think back to the time I contacted you; I came to you with what I thought was a work problem and came to the understanding that there was a larger life balance issue that I wasn’t addressing. The key was ensuring that I was putting as much energy into my personal life as I was into my work life. This balance made me realize that my work issues weren’t that critical and that I had a lot of other positive aspects in my life. This perspective allowed me to enjoy my life, develop strong relationships and address the work issues in a proactive way. I view the time we spent together on this journey as key to continued success in working through challenging life and work situations. These are skills that I frequently use and share.

Dr. Walker
My time with you has changed my life! I still think of things that we talked about everyday. The way you helped me with cues and checking in with myself and my emotions. The biggest thing that you helped me with was relationships with my family. You helped me to process a lot of crap, and I have finally been able to release so much resentment. It has literally changed my life. While I know we focused on running performance, it’s the stuff we did to help me understand myself that has stuck with me. And that has also helped me out tremendously as an athlete. Your online sports journal looks great. As long as you keep up with credible sources I think that people are really going to like it. All of the mental preparation that goes along with performance- that is where we all really need help and are looking for it!

Steve has a genuine way of being in the world that provides a solid backdrop for his professional skills to flourish. Our sessions resulted in mature, intelligent explorations that kept rough waters in perspective, while nurturing an in-depth understanding of who I am. I entered into therapy with Steve knowing that my marriage couldn’t last and my professional life was too emotionally destructive to support me as a single person. I learned to identify healthy coping skills, deconstruct fears, and better evaluate levels of risk appropriate for making strides. After several years of regular sessions, we keep in touch occasionally and these brief conversations are affirming touchstones. My former husband and I would have celebrated our 20th anniversary last month. We’ve both moved on, finding a deeper love with our new life partners than we thought possible for anyone, and can easily express to each other the value of what we shared and learned together without regret. Steve was instrumental in helping me to bring strength to weakness, honor my sense of humor, and trust my heart, mind, and spirit. Since seeing Steve, I have become a breast cancer survivor, the work we did together, seemingly so long ago now, allowed me to go through that process with as much ease as anyone could hope for. I am thankful that our lives crossed and that he had the insight and abilities to successfully support and nurture my cultivation of a deeply rooted and genuinely sustainable life.

Dr. Walker was an extreme help for my son and me during my divorce. He did play therapy to get to the bottom of any issues and feelings my son was having during that time. My son is very shy and Dr. Walker did a great job of opening him up. He has also helped me a great deal by pinpointing some childhood issues and helping me deal with those so I could heal. I am now in a healthy relationship utilizing the techniques that Dr. Walker taught me. I would highly recommend his services not only for adults but equally for children.

Dr. Walker – I appreciate the time we were able to spend together. You helped me to keep focus during a very difficult time in my life. With your help I was able to focus on the important events and to be able to prepare for them. You were also instrumental in your advice in dealing with my children. I believe the strategies you gave me allowed me to improve my relationships with them and to help them to stay on track throughout the divorce process. You were especially helpful in strategies with my daughter who was struggling in school and with with self-esteem concerns. You helped me better relate with her and to find better ways to help her with homework without getting into arguments . . . I feel you were a great blessing to my life when things were difficult. You helped me keep my sanity when my world was falling apart around me. Thanks.

When I first met Stephen Walker, I had had two heart procedures in three years, was 60 pounds overweight, ‘treading water’ in my job and marriage; in a word, depressed. Through kindness, forcefulness and true caring, Dr. Walker has brought me to losing about half the weight, exercising 3-4 times a week, looking for different, more challenging positions at work and enjoying my family and life much more than I once thought possible. His professionalism and concern for me as a person allow me to recommend him highly.