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It’s About Choices – Decide to “Believe in Yourself”

I tend to be a guy that is networked pretty heavy in Linked-in.  One of the organizations I follow is called the Creative Intensive Network – For all Advertising Creatives. Because I’m involved in publishing Podium Sports Journal I try to pay at least a little attention to what is trending. Well this video came from a list of “The Best Digital Marketing of 2014”.  There are messages and then – there ARE MESSAGES.  This one is so poignant and the timing is superb.  Well, that is for kids beginning to make decisions for themselves – this is indeed a message. It is trailer for a book called: “Surviving Middle School: An Interactive Story for Girls” by Dave McGrail.  Thanks Dave.

I hope that this post finds you and your children well and happy and thriving.  May you have the best in the New Year 2015.