Pay for Your Session

Basic Coaching Options for Work with Dr. Stephen Walker

Thanks for looking into signing up.  Dr. Walker does a 35 minute Special Introductory Session upon request.  The purpose of this session is to clarify your objectives, assess how success will be measured, review what solutions have been tried, and begin to identify which skills, tools, techniques and routines are likely to be most helpful in addressing your concerns.  At least one tool or technique will be provided.

**1/2hr Consultation – $100.00


Dr. Walker’s Comprehensive Intake Evaluation and Coaching Session incorporates the discussion above with specifically chosen assessments to determine your primary strengths and challenges in achieving the success you desire.  The assessments will require about an hour time on task in taking them.  Once forwarded to Dr. Walker, he will score evaluate and interpret the results in the process of formulating some fundamental strategies for you going forward.  The actual consultation will require a meeting of about an hour and a half in length.  The summary of this session and a basic game plan going forward with homework, links, recordings and other tools for skill building will soon follow in an email.  Recommendations for future sessions and their content will also be proposed.  Call the office 303.530.4439 and mention this page if you have any questions.

**Comprehensive Evaluation & Coaching Session – 1.5hr (plus assessments cost, scoring, interpretation,training plan and report) – $435


The standard coaching session with Dr. Walker proceeds from your evaluation and a fundamental agreement on the priorities for your development going forward.  Sessions process your experiences in applying the skills and techniques, in addition to refining the way in which you are integrating them. Some routines are easier to implement for certain people and so each person’s history, background, personality and objectives are factored into the planning of each session.

**Standard Coaching Session – 1 hr – $195.00