Video Conference with Dr. Walker

Stephen Walker, PhD, has been working with athletes in developing personalized mental conditioning programs since his early days at the University of Colorado Human Performance Lab. Dr. Walker works with athletes who range in experience from two-time Olympians & professional athletes to collegiate and collegiate hopefuls, He has supported some of these hopefuls in their development through their entire careers to become Olympians and All-American collegiate athletes. He is adept at and works with athletes in many sports including: track & field, distance running, triathlon (Ironman & Olympic distance),hockey, goal-tenders (ice hockey/soccer), fencing, gymnastics, basketball, football (NFL) and baseball from Connie Mack to MLB. His program is proven, designed for each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and uses multiple technologies in support of mutually designed goals for each athlete.  The work is availale both locally and through video conferencing..

Video Conferencing

The ability to work over the internet is a clear reality.  I’ve been working with Skype for years, and now, Zoom (which is HIPAA compliant).  This tool has advanced athlete development remarkably and enabled me to work with athletes who live locally but may be competing in Europe or Asia.  It is immediate and in real time and it feels as if they are in the chair next to me. Videoconferencing has been underutilized and I’m hoping to show you how beneficial it can truly be, for accessibility and the immediacy of timely meetings greatly enhance outcomes.  Teammates who live elsewhere in the world can have the same contact you have. It is truly a remarkable advancement in technology.

Getting Set-up on Zoom or Skype – with Dr. Stephen Walker

Many people have concerns over privacy.  With the advent of Zoom and its encryption mechanisms even HIPAA Compliance is attainable to us.  That means that Private Health Information is not at risk and that we can safely interact without risk and in total privacy. For those who have any concerns with respect to privacy and wish to use an encrypted communcation infrastructure of this type, please visit Zoom and register for this awesome service. Just like Skype this service is absolutely free!  Skype is another internet service that enables video conferencing anytime-anywhere so long as you have a good internet connection. Skype however, is not HIPAA Compliant.

What is required to Zoom or Skype with Dr. Walker?

  1. You must have a video camera attached or built-in to your computer. Most new computers these days have these already incorporated in the set up, but if yours doesn’t it can be had easily. Just visit any Best Buy, RadioShack, or electronics retailer and ask their sales representative for help – or – order a video camera on-line.
  2. You have choices: I bought a Logi-tech camera that plugs into my computer via a USB port. I spent a total of $38 for mine and I hear you can acquire them even less expensively now. Mine came with a CD which activated the program and enabled me to set the image exactly to my liking.
  3. Connecting with Skype. Visit to establish your account. You will need to use your email address and give yourself a Skype name to form your account. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.  Connecting with Zoom is very similar and video tutorials are easy and simple to follow.  Just visit
  4. My Skype name is: dr.stephenwalker and I’m physically located in Colorado (Boulder-Longmont.) You can request to add me to your caller list and I will be sent an invite by Skype. Zoom is similar only it requires me to invite you, using your email, Facebook or Google account. Consider adding other friends and family while you’re at it. Choose just those you want to have in your contacts list.
  5. Once we accept each other’s invitation – we’re in business.
  6. First, pick a session length and pay for it via PayPal. Choices are listed below and on the PayPal page.
  7. Fees for Video conference sessions are as follows:Special introductory offer (good one time only) $100 for our first session (60 minutes).Ongoing fee schedule – 1/2 hour – $100;  1 hour – $195. Comprehensive Evaluations (with assessments and training plan) 1.5 hrs via videoconference with scoring, interpretation and report – $435. All fees in US Currency.
  8. Not sure it will be worth it? – Dr. Walker offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your introductory consultation.  Additional educational materials, sound files, and videos reinforcing the skills and tools used in your recommendations session are provided at no extra charge and are forwarded using email. Also, Dr. Walker often incorporates the periodic use of assessments in our work together to better determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Dr. Walker welcomes the opportunity to interview with your coach, parents, teammates, partner, agent, or professional management on any topic so long as the focus is designed to improve your performance or enjoyment of your sport.
  10. Visit Dr. Walker’s testimonials page to listen to what others have said about their work with him.
  11. Appointment Sessions are scheduled by email or by phone (USA 303.530.4439)
  12. Once you have confirmed a date and time, have specified your preferred use of Zoom (recommended) or Skype, and have paid for your session – you are on my calendar. Next thing you know – we’re saying “Hi” in person – in real time.Enjoy!