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I made the most of my ability and fitness when I improved mental conditioning.

Mental conditioning is key to optimal performance.

Stephen Walker has a goal and that is to “help you achieve “more joy” – “better health” – and – “improved performance.” Dr. Walker has been an avid educator and passionate presenter for many years. He is also an innovator, keeps abreast of developments in his field and believes strongly in public education. In doing so he has developed a style that is entertaining, down-to-earth, focused on skill building and heavily mixed with humor. His gift for connecting with people in both intimate and large group settings makes him a valuable asset for meeting planners, corporate wellness directors and performance driven organizations.

Virtually all of Dr. Walker’s presentations emphasize the application of principles and techniques which have evolved from the field of Positive Psychology. Heavily researched in recent years, this field has documented the development of self-care strategies that encourage and utilize optimism, hope, curiosity, life-long learning, humor, purpose driven life experiences, and heart nurturing behaviors that have been shown to contribute protective effects and benefits supporting good health, especially in the arena of cardiac wellness.

Dr. Walker’s keynote address: “Lessons Learned from Looking Up”, is not a Rah-Rah talk. He is a devoted practitioner of the Bill Gove speaking method of tell-a-story-make-a-point and truly uses Larry Wilson’s advice to world class public speakers: “The audience will respect you for your successes, but they will LOVE you for your failures.” Lessons Learned from Looking Up – incorporates Stephen Walker’s experiences beginning with his ride on the gurney – while experiencing his own heart attack.

The feeling of striking the ball . . . dead . . . solid . . . perfect is indescribably fabulous.

Relaxed focus is key to great ball striking.

Those interested in enhancing performance amongst their team or group will appreciate Dr. Walker’s frequent use of techniques to help modify self-talk, develop an optimal attitude, recover from adversity, and build confidence. When his training and background are considered in conjunction with his own health challenges, it is no wonder that Dr. Walker is able to establish rapport quickly with his audience and provide insightful and powerful messages that hit their mark, every time. Add to that his use of humor, case examples, homework assignments and an uncanny ability to help each listener integrate his message into their life “right now,” and you’ve experienced a persuasive and convincing professional.

He has been an active affiliate member of the Colorado Chapter of the National Speakers Association and is a graduate of their “Fast Tracks Program.” In addition, he’s taken advanced speakers training and is a member of the Bill Gove Speech Club.

Frequent Program Choices

  • BrainTough: Circuit Training for Athletes Mental Conditioning
  • Five Methods for Raising a Great Team Player
  • The Heart of the Matter: Lessons Learned from Looking Up
  • Thriving Under Stress – Three Simple Strategies That Make a Difference
  • “SelfCare” Do What You’ve Always Done & You’ Will Get What You’ve Always Gotten

Performance Enhancement Programs

  • The “Secret Sauce” of Olympic Gold Medalists
  • Conscious Golf Clinics
    • Level I – The Mind Game of Golf
    • Level II – The Art of Scoring
    • Level III – Breakthroughs in Performance – on-course (individual and group)

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Program Formats

Lunch Time Presentations

Brown Bag seminars, workshops and presentations are not only time efficient but particularly good at helping people develop skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Walker is available to present a program in your lunchroom or boardroom on a variety of topics designed to be cost effective and time efficient for those employees or groups who attend. These programs are offered by appointment with cost depending on prep time, travel and location.

Half-Day Programs and Workshops

Patterns of living and working are linked to many common conditions of living that lead to premature aging. Dr. Walker presents programs that are educational, entertaining, and appropriately encompasses humor and stories to illustrate key points, all the while diligently providing practical skills, techniques and methods for attending to a variety of concerns. In addition, his emphasis on wellness, learned optimism and the mental skills characteristic of peak performance offers each participant a clear sense of those things in life that contribute to happiness and a higher quality of life. Cost for these programs varies according to group size, prep time, travel and location.

Full-Day Programs and Workshops

Day long intensives are also available and are especially designed for each group or business depending on their goals. Dr. Walker takes meticulous care in the preparation of these day long programs because they must be entertaining and productive and result in a good return on investment for each organization. Team Building is one such program, but the Mental Skills for Peak Performance is also a common topic. Cost for these programs varies according to group size, prep time, travel and location.

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Specifically Designed Presentations and Workshops

Corporate Programs

Dr. Walker recognizes that a company’s people are their most valuable commodity. Their collective talent and motivation is an investment from which your organization will reap dividends in both the short and long term. Stephen Walker attends to your audience’s needs in mind, body and spirit and provides practical hands-on skills that can be implemented right away. He will educate, engage and inspire your team to function its very best. His message is offered with humor, courage and conviction.

Dr. Walker has conducted seminars in Stress Management, Communications skills, Team Building and organizational goal setting. In addition, he has done collaborative strategic planning in organizational development. He has also realized success in providing a long term training program for a sales organizations of 75 employees that resulted in an increase in sales of over 30% and exceeded all sales goals amongst participants.

He has provided programs or consulted with several fine organizations in the region including: Ball Aerospace Systems Division, Coreance Rehabilitation Center, Hewlett-Packard Corporation, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Colorado, Saunders Construction Company, EI Corporation and more. In 1988 Dr. Walker designed a wellness program for Ball Aerospace Systems that won the “Best in State” Award from Governor Roy Romer. He also designed the Stress Management Component for Coors “Best in Region” Award Winning Wellness Program.

Golf Psychology ‘Conscious’ Golf Clinics

Stephen Walker is an avid golfer and carries a single digit USGA-GHIN handicap. He offers three golf specific seminars that make up the “Conscious Golf” series.

Level I – The Mind Game of Golf

Learn to enjoy your game more and score better by productively dealing with perfectionism in play and emotions that interfere with performance like anger and anxiety. You will acquire mind sets that enhance your pleasure and confidence and employ focused relaxation techniques to develop ‘feel’. Plan on becoming competent at managing yourself and the demands of the course better, and develop a pre-shot routine that will improve your consistency and quality of play.

Level II – The Art of Scoring – “Receive Total Consciousness”

This program incorporates and skit that recaps a portion of the movie “Caddy Shack” when actor Bill Murray reveals his experience caddying for the Dali Lama.  It is clever, insightful and entertaining and sets the stage for his review of optimal attitudes in play, methods for keeping our Mind/Body relaxed and in the “now,” and employing “feel” for your body, the club, the ball and the conditions of play. Learn how some players score well even when not playing their best, and how best to keep present, focused and in balance emotionally and physically. Finally, this clinic will focus on rapid recovery from mistakes, establishing priorities in play and in scoring, and the differences in social – competitive – strategic play.

This program was written about in Colorado Avid Golfer, and Dr. Walker’s article entitled “Receive Total Consciousness.”

Level III – Breakthroughs in Performance – on-course.

This session is structured individually or in a small group amongst individuals who have already taken the Level I and Level II program.

For Meeting Planners

Due to the breadth of Dr. Walker’s experience he can put together a presentation quickly. He uses humor, stories, anecdotes and knows when to pause for impact. He is a confident presenter, very knowledgeable and although scholarly he has learned to appeal to most any audience. He is adept at platform speaking and understands the importance of an effective Keynote Address. He is at his very best in a medium group setting with an audience of 150. He is also comfortable in training environments and can use power-point presentations, flip charts, newsprint, cartooning, and/or group activities for greatest impact. View testimonials for Dr. Walker’s Corporate Programs.

Furthermore, he will help make your meeting even more successful by providing an additional program for spouses, introduce other speakers, assist with others’ presentations, provide a thought provoking and inspirational prayer at a shared meal, appear in the sponsor’s booth and do whatever he can to assure a winning event. He is an excellent networker, and diligent with follow-up.

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